Box Office News: The Meg Eats The Competition

This weekend saw a massive surprise as the summer box office season nears its close. The long discussed feature adaptation of The Meg, about a prehistoric shark on the loose has gone on to double all analysts' expectations. Initially thought to rake in somewhere around $20 million this weekend, the massive predator has literally eaten all the competition. With an actual domestic tally that topped $44.5 million in sales has become a dominating force for the summer as it surpassed the opening numbers for Ready Player One and Rampage. It is now estimated that it could have a final number somewhere between $125-140 million in the U.S. alone which would be nothing short of an absolute hit for the studio. 

The film also brought in another $97 million internationally with $50.3 of that being from China alone. As it stands, this will be a highly profitable project that no one expected would do so well. 

Mission:Impossible Fallout took the number two slot with another $20 million. Christopher Robin snagged $12.4 for the third position. The critically ravaged Slender Man hit fourth place with $11.3 million. And the latest Spike Lee flick BlackKklansman was fifth with a meager $10.8.