Box Office News: No Sesame: The Happytime Murders Bombs

It wasn't long ago that Melissa McCarthy was a sure fire box office hit. But things seem to have changed for the comedic actress. Other than her role in St. Vincent, she seems to repeat herself constantly with the characters she's played. Although we quite enjoyed The Happytime Murders, she seems to be stuck on the exact same type of character again. Is that schtick getting tired or were audiences just not interested in a movie with puppets that featured highly offensive adult humor? Either way, it really doesn't matter because Brian Henson's latest outing has done abysmally in its opening frame. 

Just scraping past $10 million for the weekend, the movie came in third place with a near guarantee it will come nowhere near recouping its meager $40 million budget. Going into the three day period, it was expected to be McCarthy's lowest opening ever and managed to tally even lower than those expectations. Sadly enough, the movie took a lot of heart and a tons of talent to pull off. But now it will go down in history as a major league flop for Henson and the studio.