Comics: Killer Instinct #1 (2018) - Reviewed

Killer Instinct Volume 1, written by Ian Edginton, begins by showing the world in utter turmoil. It is winter, and everything is desolate. There is a small group of people huddled together around a small fire, with poor food rations. This is the new world. A small child asks one of the elders in the group why the world is the way it is, and he explains that there was a war between super heroes and a villain monster known as Gargos, the Shadow Lord. Even though Gargos was defeated in the end, the world was not the same. Winning the war basically meant surviving the war. Nothing was as it once was.

Since Gargos was defeated, everything should’ve been balanced and the Earth restored. But it’s obvious to the superheroes that are left, along with their spirit guardians, that something is wrong. The Earth is being drained of its energy, and with every fight the superheroes and their spirit guardians seem to be growing weaker. It’s up to the superheroes to figure out where the energy is going and why their spirit guardians are leaving them. On top of all this, a menacing group known as the Coven have ascended upon the earth, bent on world domination. Now it’s up to the superheroes to come together along with those who remain of the Night Guard to create a pathway into the Astral Plane in order to bring structure back to the Earth and bring an end to the chaos.

There are many great characters within this comic, but my favorite is Kim Wu. Kim Wu is a fierce fighter who has the guardian spirit of the dragon, whom she calls Yeo. She is extremely intelligent and her quick wit comes in handy on many occasions. She proves herself most useful in a fight even when she doesn’t have Yeo’s help. I appreciate the ways in which her humanity is shown throughout the comic. At the beginning we see the small group of people making her leave when they find out she’s a superhero as they view her kind as the reason the war started in the first place. It is obvious Kim’s feelings are hurt as she reluctantly agrees to leave. Another example is when Yeo leaves her and she goes through an identity crisis as she doesn’t seem to know who she is anymore. She feels boring and ordinary, as if she’s nothing special. I’m sure lots of people can relate to that feeling.

The illustrations by Cam Adams, and colors by Jorge Sutil are amazing. They make a terrific team. The bright vibrant colors make the images pop within each spread, and the attention to detail is superb. From the characters expressions, to the intricate background, it is obvious that no element was overlooked. The fighting scenes are my favorite as they really showcase both of the artists’ skills. While this comic is based off of the video game by the same name, you don’t have to have any knowledge of the game in order to enjoy it. Anyone who loves action and adventure will find this a fun read. Killer Instinct Volume 1 is available for purchase August 29, 2018.

--Amy Walker