Comics: Stabbity Bunny #7 (2018) - Reviewed

Stabbity Bunny #7 is available now in stores as of today, August 29th. This fun, colorful, action-packed tale continues to follow the story of Grace, a young girl who is slowly learning the magical background that she comes from, as well as her coming to terms with her own magical gifts, all the while, she totes around a special stuffed rabbit named Stabbity, who certainly has powers of his own.

Issue #6 ended with Stabbity saving Grace and her family from the clutches of evil by releasing a horrific monster from his body. Though thankful to be alive, Grace’s mother and grandmother certainly have some concerns about leaving small Grace alone with something so dangerous. Deciding it’s for the best to leave Stabbity locked up for a while, Grace’s mother, Amanda, convinces Grace to view the impending dinner at the Mayor’s home as a “girl’s night”, allowing Grace to feel a little bit more relaxed about leaving Stabbity behind.

Unfortunately, upon their arrival, it is clear that the mayor and his team have a more sinister reason for getting them all together. There was a lot of action in issue 7 of Stabbity Bunny, so much so, by explaining much else that happened within the book I would simply be sharing spoilers. Because I certainly strive to keep all of my reviews entirely spoiler free, I will focus on the overall feel of this issue.  Richard Rivera sure had his hands full with this one. With the slow, tense buildup we saw in issues 1-6, issue 7 is really getting into the meat of the story. We are seeing more of the magical elements that have been mysteriously shrouding this story from the beginning, something I very much have been looking forward to. Developing the characters and letting you get to know them first, Rivera certainly set up Stabbity Bunny to hook the attention of readers from the beginning and it’s absolutely paid off. This issue left with an extremely emotional cliffhanger, meaning we are definitely going to see another intense issue with issue 8.

Since I began Stabbity Bunny months ago, I have followed the artwork of Dwayne Biddix, as his style is so unique and fun. He truly brings life and light to this story, a story that is full of terror and disasters. Whether he is drawing his adorable, cartoon style characters, or frightening monsters with hands full of gore, his style captures the overall feel of the series perfectly. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy the playfulness of the art next to the overall horror of the story; it just works perfectly together. I would also be remiss in not finally mentioning Liezl Buenaventura’s contribution to the book with her impressive talent as colorist. The art in the book is so colorful and vibrant and every single page is eye catching. She has a great eye when it comes to capturing the mood of the story without making the art too dark. Everything about the art just coincides so well with the story.

Scout Comics has definitely continued its trend of publishing my favorite indie comics and Stabbity Bunny is absolutely one of them. With a series that had so much momentum and buzz in the beginning, it would be easy for the creative team to get ahead of themselves and eventually let the story fizzle out, but I am thrilled to say that this has not happened with this one. Each new issue unfolds even more, giving us some answers and letting us get looks into the magical world within the story, but always leaves us wanting more. I cannot wait to see what issue 8 holds.

--Rachel Rutherford