News: Black Adam Producer Gives Update on Production

With Shazam due to hit theaters soon, early on the decision was made that Shazam should get his own movie without Black Adam and Black Adam should get his own before the two inevitably clash. With that already in the works the question keeps coming back to “When do we get to see Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam make his debut?”. Well now we finally get an answer!

In a recent interview with Seven Bucks Productions’ president of Production Hiram Garcia tells us, “Black Adam is definitely happening. We’re actually very deep into a script on it right now, which is coming along really well. I’m really excited with the story we’ve crafted. Look, I’ve always been a huge comic book fan. I’ve always had this dream, I’ve always wanted to—You know, you kind of have like these goals of like, ‘One day I’d love to be able to do this and this,’ and making a superhero movie was definitely always one of my dreams. For the longest time, you know you kind of have this living superhero in Dwayne Johnson, so I was always trying to figure out what’s the perfect character that will kind of fit him and his look and his build and his kind of edge and the attitude he’s got.”

“Black Adam just made kind of great sense. It was this kind of really cool antihero, kicks ass, who believes in basically exacting justice in his way with a fascinating backstory, the history he has with regards to having been a former slave and freeing his people and then getting his abilities and what happened from there. So I pitched that to Dwayne early on, and he loved the idea, and we’ve just kind of kept it in the back of our mind. We had a great conversation with Warner Brothers one time years ago, and we all settled on this was our character.”

Garcia lets us know that the character will not be a watered down Boy Scout version of himself adding, “Especially when he’s not a boy scout. Especially when he’s got edge to him. Like, he’s not the boy scout superhero, he’s the guy that’s like, okay, you cross him? Well, I rip your head off, and then I move on to the next guy.”

Now the big question will be, does this mean that Black Adam will be R rated as DC tries to find solid footing in what has been a shaky effort so far? We’ll just have to wait and see.