News: CW Finds its Batwoman with Ruby Rose

The CW has announced its casting for the part of Batwoman, and it’s none other than gender fluid actress Ruby Rose best known in the states for her breakout apperance as Stella Carlin on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. She’ll debut this winter during the mid season crossover event then her new series will release in 2019.

Batwoman will bring us to Gotham for the first time in the CW universe, a city that has been referenced and hinted at several times during the course of the Arrowverse, but now we finally get to see how the showrunners view it. Batwoman is the first Lesbian character to headline her own mainstream comic and with this casting Batwoman CW is following in it's sources footsteps. 

So, exciting news for all the CW universe fans, and even more exciting for all the Batwoman fans.