News: Down With The Ship: Moviepass Cancels Annual Subscriptions

In another concerning decision, Mitch Lowe and his now fraudulent company Moviepass are converting all annual subscriptions to a monthly plan. They have emailed all their yearly clients to inform them that they will now have to adhere by the same rules as their monthly subscribers which means a limited choice in movies and only 3 a month. The yearly subscribers paid $89 for their plan and are now being given the same poor treatment as all other people that have stayed with the company. As far as we're concerned, Moviepass is on life support. They have no sustainable business model as their social media pages have turned to nothing but complaints and much deserved trolling. With other, far greater, services popping up, they're only putting off the inevitable. Luckily though, annual subscribers are being offered a pro-rated refund for what they initially paid for the service. 

They're now limiting their audience to six films at a time. Right now, Moviepass is only allowing viewings of The Happytime Murders, MI: Fallout, BlackKklansman, and three others. They've removed all screenings of The Meg and Crazy Rich Asians.