News: James Gunn's Sony Horror Project Releases In November

Ever since his firing from Disney and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 over some disturbing tweets nearly a decade ago, not much has been said about the little known horror film that James Gunn was working on at Sony. Gunn himself had teased that their would be an announcement at SDCC 2018, but it was pulled at the last minute due to the drama with GOTG3. At the time, Sony was worried about tarnishing their presentation at the event. Now, it looks like the movie is pushing ahead with a release. 

With really no details announced about the film and literally no marketing yet, they plan on putting the movie out on November 30th under the Screen Gems moniker. With an actual date selected, it would appear that this mysterious horror film is in the final stages of being readied for its theatrical run. Sony has even confirmed that it's slated and official for that date.