News: Joel Kinnaman Joins Apple's Ronald Moore Sci-Fi Series

Actor Joel Kinnaman is making quite the name for himself in the science fiction realm as of late. Starring in the divisive first season of Altered Carbon on Netflix, the actor is once again going to take on a sci-fi series. This time he's working on an series with Battlestar Galactica creator, Ronald Moore. The show still has no official title but is serving as another launching point for Apple's library of original content. The tech giant is currently in the midst of producing numerous other series that are aiming to compete with Hulu and Netflix. 

The untitled show starring Kinnaman will see him playing an astronaut alongside co-stars Sarah Jones and Michael Dorman. No concept has been released yet as we're still being kept in the dark. But no matter what, us science fiction fans are always looking for new ways to enjoy brand new original series, especially from Moore. The series is being produced by Sony Pictures and Moore's very own Tall Ship Productions.