News: Marvel Has Reportedly Scrapped Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Script (Updated)

It appears that there may be more trouble in the Marvel universe as the studio has reportedly scrapped James Gunn's script for the upcoming sequel. After the director was removed from the film due to some Tweets that were done in poor taste nearly a decade a go, it seems that they may be looking to further separate themselves from Gunn. Numerous reports are coming in from Screenrant and Omega Underground that are pointing to a brand new script being developed and current plans being put on hold until the project is fully rewritten. None of the cast will be too thrilled with this idea. 

Just a few days ago, actor Dave Bautista said he'd quit the project if Gunn's script wasn't used. Nothing has been fully confirmed at this point, but we're sure that there will be more breaking around GOTG3 in the coming weeks. We'll update this report as we get any confirmed news via Disney, Marvel, or anyone actually connected to the movie. 

As with any unconfirmed news, we try to update as much as possible. Other sources such as are reporting conflicting news today. They're saying that Gunn is negotiation his exit and that his script is still in play.