News: Neill Blomkamp Teases Peter Weller For Robocop Returns

If one thing is certain, genre fans are loyalists to the core that would love to see the original actor return as the legendary Robocop. 

Just a few weeks ago it was announced that Neill Blomkamp would be revamping and retconning the original series with a new movie that would be a direct sequel to the Robocop 1 and 2. Yet, he never stated if we'd really be seeing Peter Weller come back for the next entry. In his mid-'70s, a highly physical role could be a challenge. But now it appears that Blomkamp has his eyes on the prize. He took to Twitter earlier today with a response Tweet that many may have not been expecting. It looks like he might be bringing back Weller in the role of the Robocop, the officer formerly known as Alex Murphy.

Robocop has been run through the ringer over the years with sequels that didn't star Weller, a TV series, and a reboot that didn't stay true to the heart of the story. Now, we're finally getting the sequel we deserve.