News: Netflix's Haunting Of Hill House Gets A Premiere Date with Images

It was just last year that Netflix announced they'd be adapting The Haunting of Hill House as a television series. With so many successful shows on the streaming service, this latest adaptation seems like a surefire hit for them. The previous retelling in 1999 was directed by Jan De Bont and starred an up and coming Liam Neeson alongside Catherine Zeta Jones and Lily Taylor. The movie was an abomination of terribly rendered CGI. Now, Netflix looks to take it in the opposite direction with a sincere adaptation of the classic tale. 

With Mike Flanagan at the helm (Gerald's Game, Hush, Absentia), the classic tale is once again set to haunt audiences with a new, updated spin that will star a great cast that includes Henry Thomas, Carla Gugino, Timothy Hutton, and Annabeth Gish. The series is going to be a one off event that will only last ten episodes and will premiere just in time for the Halloween season. It will be released on Netflix on October 12th.