News: Rambo 5 Reportedly Gets A Director and A Working Title

For a while it was unknown what would happen with the Rambo franchise. With a television series that was planned but never saw the light of day and Sylvester Stallone retiring the character a few years ago, no one knew where or when the series would see some movement or a potential reboot. Just a few months back we reported on the upcoming fifth installment and Sly returning to the role one last time to close out Rambo's story. Although the last one seemed like a nice bookend to the saga, Stallone decided one more adventure was in the cards. With a current working title of Last Blood, the motion picture that's said to see the veteran battle the Mexican drug cartels is finally making headway. 

Breaking today is word that Stallone will not be directing what is said to be the curtain call for Rambo. Get The Gringo director Adrian Grunberg has reportedly been hired to take on the task of number five. With a resume that only includes one full length film and tons of assistant directorial credits including Jarhead, Sense8, and Apocalypto, it does seem a bit odd that Sly is handing over those duties considering the success of the 2008 Rambo feature. 

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