News: Texas Chainsaw Returns - TV and Movies in Early Talks

It seems that most classic horror franchises never die, no matter how hard the studios blast them over the head and mutilate any semblance of dignity they have left. With the last Leatherface prequel that was just just out last year, they further humanized a character that should hae remained a mystery. Now, with rights changing hands once again on this never ending saga of flesh eating and chainsaws, it looks like the Chainsaw legacy is going to be getting a lot of fresh blood. 

The brand has just reverted to Kim Henkel, who was a writer and producer on the original 1970 film. Now, numerous studios are contending to get the character back on the big screen as well as a rumored television series. Reportedly, Legendary Entertainment/Legendary Pictures is heading the pack. They're currently trying to acquire the Texas Chainsaw name to revitalize the series that's had a bad time the past few years with a continuity that's been run through the ringer. 

While nothing is set in stone, the flesh eating family might be back in cinemas before we know it.