Breaking News: Henry Cavill Exits Superman Role (Updated)

Word is just breaking this morning that Henry Cavill's time as Superman is officially over. The actor has opted out of returning to the DCEU as the Man of Steel. Sites such as are also reporting the news. Apparently, Cavill is no longer interested in playing the hero from Krypton. 

Early reports are stating that he has decided to leave the role after negotiations broke down over a planned cameo in the upcoming Shazam movie. What we're seeing is that he actually left the role once he signed on for the upcoming Netflix series based on The Witcher. With his exit, it seems things might be in a more dire state than we imagined. DC is shifting focus to other characters including Supergirl. 

It seems that there will be an update from WB this afternoon. Cavill's rep has stated that he's not out of the role via Twitter. Check back for further news. 

Update 2. Cavill has posted via social media that he's still in as Superman and WB has also issued a statement. Sometimes we all get these things wrong. Sorry, folks.