Images: First Photos Of Zazie Beetz in Character From The Joker

At this point, it's a constant feed of Todd Philips' upcoming Joker movie news and images. And we're excited. 

Breaking off from the current film lineup over at DC, Philips' upcoming release is the first 'Elseworlds' movie for WB and could see Joaquin Phoenix go headlong into the character. He's known as one of the greatest method actors working today. When it comes to The Joker, we think he's going to be amazing. 

Coming off Deadpool 2, Zazie Beetz is apparently playing a central character in the upcoming film with early word stating she may be a center of affection for the off kilter Joker. 

In other news, Mr. Philips posted a first test photo of Zazie today with other on set images being posted over at Just Jared. Check it all out here