Listed: Five Underrated Science Fiction Movies

After discussing underrated movies on this week's episode of Reel Crime, we decided to put together a list of science fiction films that don't seem to get the love or admiration they deserve. Some are almost totally forgotten and some just don't seem to be the topic of discussion. So, we threw a list together of five that we think are underrated by critics and fans alike. Check it out and let us know what sci-fi films you think are underrated in the comments below. 

Released in 2001 after a troubled production, this Philip K. Dick based sci fi film is a callback to the Replicants of Blade Runner and features an excellent cast. With a young Vincent D'Onofrio playing the villain, Impostor is a great and under appreciated movie that features some excellent graphics work, tons of chase sequences, and Gary Sinise playing the stressed out focal point of this futuristic manhunt. Madeline Stowe also stars. Based on a short story by Dick, this telling features many similar themes to Minority Report, Total Recall, and several others.

Although this action sci fi hybrid was touted as being a rip off of Escape from New York and was the basis of a major court case against Luc Besson, it's still a great watch. Even with some apparent nods to the John Carpenter thrill ride, Guy Pearce does a bang up job playing the smart ass Snow and Maggie Grace once again shines as the damsel in distress. Lockout treads that fine line between sci-fi and action but always maintains a cool feeling of adventure that cross breeds classic 'save the girl' tropes with dastardly villains and tons of heart pounding sequences.

Known as the film that Stanley Kubrick never made, his mark can still be felt all over AI. Steven Spielberg paid respect to the director by using many visual cues and similar stylistic choices. However, some still took issue with Spielberg's more sentimental approach versus the darker feel Kubrick would have gone for. No matter what, AI is an arresting feature that tells the tale of an artificial boy that wants acceptance from his human mother. With an excellent support role from Jude Law and tons of beautiful visuals, AI never truly got its due.

Mr. Nobody
Jared Leto's artistry as a performer comes full circle with the science fiction genre masterpiece, Mr. Noboby. Much like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the film attacks themes of aging and its effects. However, Mr. Nobody takes a different course and shows us how choice and selection can alter our existence. It also tackles metaphysical elements that many directors and actors would shy away from. This is the most artistic film on this list and it's also the one that proved to me what a great actor Leto is. While I had already seen his turn in Requiem for a Dream, Mr. Nobody allowed him the room to do something completely unique.

Enemy Mine
To this day, Enemy Mine remains one of the greatest science fiction films from the '80s that doesn't get the attention it deserves. Centered on the same basic story as Robinson Crusoe on Mars, this wonderful feature about man and alien enemy becoming friends is a sight to behold. With excellent practical effects that still hold up very well and amazing acting from all involved, Enemy Mine seems to get forgotten about on most lists.