News: Alien 40th Anniversary Documentary Coming in 2019

Perhaps one of the most famed horror sci-fi films in the history of cinema is getting the anniversary documentary treatment. The new film Memory: The Origins of Alien will tell the tale of how the Xenomorph came to be. Originally known as Memory then Star Beast with the name finally be changed to Alien, Ridley Scott took over directorial duties from B-movie creator Roger Corman. This new documentary will chronicle the creation of the creature and the long and winding road to the cinema. 

Director Alexandre O. Philippe who created the other film doc 78/52 Hitchcock's Shower Scene, is handling the project which will also show early designs and concepts for the legendary creature. The film's history with O'Bannon has never truly been chronicled as typically Ridley Scott and H.R. Geiger are given most of the credit for the movie. The film is currently set for a 2019 release.