News: Blood War Over: Kate Beckinsale Confirms Departure from Underworld Series

The Underworld series has seen some super highs and some extreme lows. Over the course of nearly fifteen years, the franchise has pitted vampires vs. werewolves in an epic battle to the death. With the last movie, Underworld: Blood Wars flopping with critics and most audiences, it seems that her time as Selene has finally drawn to a close. When speaking with Variety, the actress made her thoughts quite clear when asked about returning to the gothic underworld once again:

"I wouldn't return. I've done plenty of those"

2003's Underworld was quite a hit when it first released. On a meager budget of only $22 million, the feature went on to gross around $100 million and launched Beckinsale as a major Hollywood player. No other Underworld movies are currently planned as interest seems to have dried up. But who knows? If there's a way to draw blood from a stone. They will.