News: Brainiac Rumored As the Villain in The Supergirl Movie

Rumors continue to spread at WB as the DCEU movie Supergirl moves forward. This time it looks like the baddie will be Brainiac, the sentient computer. Typically, he’s considered a Superman villain, so it should be interesting to see how they approach this.

With the Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck rumors still swirling and changing daily, this is the first actual news that isn’t making DCEU look like they are losing control. Let’s keep our fingers crossed as this could be an interesting turn of events. 

Other news today says that the upcoming Supergirl film will actually take place in the '70s. Setting it in a past decade would also help keep it clear of any changes that might take place in the current DC lineup. Either way, it's cool to see DC moving forward with many other characters.