News: The Die Hard Prequel Gets A New Name

The latest and sixth entry in the long running Die Hard franchise has undergone a name change. 

After decades of the character John McClane being run through the ringer with adventures, villains, and their henchmen, he's finally getting a prequel that will chronicle his early years long before the events of the original Nakatomi Plaza incident. The newest film will obviously be a prequel that is said to be split between a current John McClane and a youthful cop on the beat. Bruce Willis will obviously be returning to the role but no one has been cast as the younger McClane yet. Director Len Wiseman has been working on the script for quite some time now. 

Just today it was announced that the project has undergone a vital name change. Initially called Die Hard: Year One, it has now been renamed McClane. We're not quite sure why they've adapted and changed, but it seems to be in line with the current trend of one word titles for popular franchises that are returning. Either way, this seems like another unneeded prequel to a character that already had enough back story from the 1988 film.