News: Halloween Sequels Planned by Blumhouse

With early reactions from TIFF being nearly all positive, it looks like Jason Blum is already considering options for a sequel if not multiple sequels to spin from their upcoming Halloween movie. The new movie ret-cons all the Michael Myers movies after the original classic and brings back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. All story threads pertaining to Michael and Laurie being brother and sister have also been tossed out. The film just premiered at TIFF over the weekend to amazing reactions from everyone in attendance. Now, Blum says that this will most likely not be the only return to Halloween as long as it performs well at the box office. 

When speaking to Forbes, Blum had this to say:

" I'd love to do sequels, and I hope we do a sequel and we will do a sequel if the movie performs. We're not going to decide if we do a sequel or not until we see the reaction to this movie. But I really hope to make it."

John Carpenter, director of the original, has even given his blessing to the new sequel saying its the best since the first. Carpenter has also recorded a brand new score for Halloween 2018.