News: Karl Urban Confident That Star Trek 4 Will Happen

Just a couple weeks back it was reported that Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth had exited discussions for Star Trek 4 due to Paramount not wanting to meet their financial demands. Now that both their stars have dramatically increased due to Wonder Woman and obviously Thor, it's no doubt that they have some wiggle room to ask for more money. It appeared that they might move forward without them, making a Kirk-less fourth entry that might feel rather strange in the context of continuity. Now, Karl Urban has spoken up on the subject and says that he's confident that something positive will happen. When speaking at Trekonderoga (via Trek Movie), Urban says that the negotiations are normal and that other sequels were also on the table:

"Hopefully, we get back for another movie, or two of them. We are just sort of waiting on negotiations. I'm confident we will."

The actor also confirmed that a script was waiting in the wings and that director SJ Clarkson (Jessica Jones and The Defenders) had potentially signed to take over the project. Yet, once again this is opposing news from what Zachary Quinto said just a couple months ago about Tarantino handling the next in the Kelvin timeline. Either way, there may be some movement towards a new Trek.