News: Roseanne Reveals Her Death on The Conners

The constantly embattled Roseanne Barr has revealed via the internet how they plan on killing her character off on the upcoming spinoff, The Conners. Typically, most series cannot survive the death of an actor in real life, much less the fictional one of a main character that's been removed due to self destructive tendencies. Well, the actress has now revealed that they plan on killing her off with an opioid overdose. This seems like a timely and relevant way to eliminate her from the show, for good. 

Obviously, we've had a current opioid epidemic that's been causing deaths, overdoses, and addiction. It seems the producers of the show are taking a current trend and running with it. While many still aren't happy and remain politically embattled on social media over the topic of Roseanne's dismissal, this is definitely an interesting route to go.