News: Rutger Hauer Signs On For Break

Rutger Hauer is back (again)! Hauer has signed on to play an old school gangster who owns a rundown Snooker Hall in the joint Hong Kong and UK picture. With script writing and directing duties being handled by Michael Elking and Ken Doherty, Liang Wenbo and Jack Lisowski on board for cameos as Snooker players (which they all are professionally) it looks to reach for a sense of realism.

The film is teamed with the World Snooker's Official Association, the film will be shot at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre, widely considered the home of professional snooker. Add in the climax being set at the World Snooker Championship final, and it sounds like it will really appeal to the global snooker fans.

The film is lead by Sam Gittins (The Smoke) playing Spencer Pryde, a kid who's wasting his talent on crime in his rough neighborhood. A chance encounter with the Chinese pool champion gives him the chance to turn his life around, but only if he can put the neighborhood and his life of crime in his past.

Co-Star's David Yip (The Chinese Detective), Adam Deacon (Dubplate Drama), Luke Malby (Dream Team) and Jamie Foreman (Sleepy Hollow). Production is underway and filming is set to begin in Beijing and London, this sounds like a movie to keep an eye out for.