News: Suicide Squad 2 Script Is Complete

The DC film universe continues to expand with numerous new projects releasing in theaters and many that will hit production sometime in the near future. Today word comes down from Suicide Squad 2 co-writer Todd Stashwick that they've completed work on the sequel script. Also working on the draft were David Bar Katz and director Gavin O'Connor. 

"We have finished our draft and I'm really proud of it", Stashwick told Discussing Film in a current interview. 

Stashwick also says that this will be an "exciting sequel" that will "deepen the characters". 

The original Suicide Squad had an extremely split reaction from audiences. Some loved it. And some totally hated it. No official release date has been announced. Filming was initially set to start in late 2018 but was pushed back to  2019 because of Margot Robbie working on the Birds of Prey live action film. 

Now we wait.