News: New Doom Patrol Set Photos Of Robot Man, Crazy Jane, and Others

Doom Patrol is set to be one of the DC streaming services biggest launch titles. Just this evening a first set of on set images appeared online that will give people a first look at Robot Man, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane. This show and Titans are two of the live action adaptations that are being produced for the DC Universe which happens to launch on September 15th. 

Unlike some other live action versions that never get the costumes or design right, it looks like DC is going for the gold with their attention to detail. We've linked the photos from JustJared as to not infringe on their materials. 

In other news, actor Alan Tudyk was just added to the cast yesterday in the voice role of the villain, Mr. Nobody. Doom Patrol will be completely separate from the Arrowverse and any other current incarnations of DC on screen.