Streaming Releases: Sharon 1.2.3. (2018) - Reviewed

Former nerds becoming popular and powerful has become a regularly exercised trope in recent years. While the ‘80s may claim the film titled Revenge of the Nerds, the ‘00s and ‘10s could claim that same title for the entire generation. Mark Brown’s Sharon 1.2.3. is a cute, funny, but wholly predictable exercise in the portrayal of a nerd turned sex god who makes some pretty hefty mistakes while wielding his new found power. While it definitely does not uncover any new ground, and the audience will smell every happening from a mile away, Sharon 1.2.3. is fun, and quite a bit sexier than your typical rom-com. 

The strength of the film lies in the casting of the four leads. The story revolves around a nerd turned Casanova, Jonah (Matt Bush, The Goldbergs) and his intricate sexual relationships with three women named Sharon (Erinn Hayes, Nadine Velazquez and Skyler Samuels as Sharons 1, 2 and 3, respectively.) This may seem like a no-brainer, but for this film to work, Jonah MUST be likable. Based on the issues Jonah creates for himself throughout his story, he’d be extremely easy to dislike, or even hate, if the wrong actor had been cast in the role. Luckily for Mark Brown, Bush is about as likable as it gets; his natural charisma and charm make it so viewers can’t help but root for him, even when he’s making increasingly terrible decisions. Bush’s performance is complimented on every front by the three women intertwined in his life. Hayes and Velazquez both have their seduction levels set to eleven, smoldering through their scenes without being cartoonish or sleazy. Both also have great chemistry with Bush. Samuel’s Sharon 3 brings a genuinely sweet and soft presence to the film that is the perfect foil for the other Sharons’ aggressiveness.

In addition to the great cast, the story flows well, with no real lulls in the action, and the film looks great. The plentiful sex scenes are just explicit enough to add some serious spice to the story without venturing too far into soft-core Cinemax porn territory. And for a film so focused on the sexual aspects of relationships, it actually has a lot of heart. Predictable as it is the story is entertaining, and clocking in with a run time well under 90 minutes, there really is no time for the viewer’s mind to wander. 

Sharon 1.2.3. is a film that, by all reasoning, probably should have been terrible. But based on the strength of the cast, the brisk pace, and the production of the sexy interludes, it succeeds. Viewers never stop rooting for Jonah, even when his actions mean they probably should, and when all is said and done they’re left with a smile on their face, even if they did see it all coming. 

--Josie Stec