Box Office Killer: Blumhouse's Halloween (2018) On Course To Beat Venom's October Record

Just a couple days back we reported that Halloween (2018) was tracking to crack the $70 million mark which would have made it the second biggest October opening of all time. With that number, the movie would have been just below this month's release of the Tom Hardy starring comic book movie, Venom. Now, projections have been updated as the slasher from Haddonfield is drumming up way more business than initially estimated. Analysts are now saying that the movie will do well over $80 million dollars in its first weekend, cracking the $80.25 million record held by Eddie Brock and his Symbiote. 

This is great news for horror and for the new movie by David Gordon Green. With a meager budget of only $10 million, this will prove to be one of the most profitable films of 2018, which obviously means a slew of sequels are to follow.