Box Office News: Venom Chokes the Competition: Snags Another $105 Million Globally - El Royale Flops

Sony's Venom adaptation continues to top the box office this weekend as the divisive comic book flick once again proves its worth against numerous new releases. Maintaining its number one position, the Marvel character went on to gross another $105 million globally with $35.7 of that being from domestic ticket sales. Currently, the movie sits at a huge two week worldwide tally of $235.3 million total. It's no doubt why Sony is looking to get Morbius into production as soon as possible. This new universe they're spawning is already quite the success story. 

Coming in with the second place spot was A Star Is Born which only dropped a little more than 30 percent this weekend. It's going to gross another $28 million this weekend making it a huge financial success for Bradley Cooper's freshman outing as a director. 

Budgeted with only $60 million, Damien Chazelle's Neil Armstrong biopic, First Man hit third place with $16.5 million while Goosebumps 2 was right behind it with $16.2 million. The fifth spot went to the Warner Bros. animated film Smallfoot which grossed another $9.3 million. 

And Bad Times at El Royale (a first weekend opener) sank against the competition. It only mustered up $7.2 million in ticket sales. As a follow up to Drew Goddard's Cabin in the Woods, this isn't good news in the slightest.