Box Office Slasher: Michael Myers To Scare Up Potential $70 Million Opening

Somehow the idea to ret-con all the Halloween sequels has become one of the most genius box office ideas in the history of horror. Hitting the reset button on  the Halloween franchise again with all sequels being written off has set Michael Myers up for one of the biggest October openings of all time. This slasher franchise re-imagining is going to be a huge hit for Blumhouse and will most likely spawn a rash of other series trying to do the same thing. In the near future, they're doing the same thing with Robocop. This latest Halloween is set to take the second highest October first weekend right behind the current champion, Venom. It will also be the second biggest R rated opening of all time, right behind last year's IT, that made $123 million in its first frame. 

Box office analysts are looking at early reports and pre-sales. They're estimating that Halloween (2018) will make $70 million in its first weekend set against a tiny budget of only $10 million. This is something that Blumhouse is typically great at. They can take a small investment and turn it into a huge success story that will spawn numerous sequels and spin-offs. Jason Blum has already teased that they're developing a sequel to this modern relaunch of Halloween