Box Office Symbiote: Venom May Overtake Justice League and Logan

Despite a massive critical ravaging, Venom has proven to be a massive box office beast. The film continues to drum up huge numbers and remains the weekend champ after two weeks in cinemas. With foreign markets adding to the massive success for the film, it's now coming into focus that Venom will most likely have no problem beating the final tallies for the divisive Justice League and Hugh Jackman's final bow as Logan/Wolverine. 

Currently, Venom has already crossed the $377 million marker, which already makes it the 16th highest earner of the year. Numerous sources are stating that it won't take much for the movie to minimally reach a goal of $550 million worldwide but will most likely be much higher. The film doesn't even open in China until November 9th. It's expected to do very well there too. Apparently, some analysts think its very attainable for it to speed past Logan's $619 million and Justice League's $657 million worldwide total. No one can see the future, but with only two weeks behind it and such a huge profit already, I don't think anyone would be shocked to see it dominate those previous comic book movie numbers.