Interviews: Clémentine Poidatz Talks Housewife and Mars on National Geographic

TMS: What would you say inspired you to become an actress?

CP: It took me a long time. I think I was born with my own life but I wanted to be someone else. As a teenager I was always looking around me, like oh god, I want to be that person walking the streets. I think that was kind of sad. I was desperate to be somebody else. The only way to do it is to become an actress.

TMS: I saw Housewife last week. How would you define the movie? Or what would you tell someone about the movie that's never seen it?

CP: I would say that it's a story of a woman who has been traumatized when she was a little girl and she nourishes her past in some way. She meets with a man who is a kind of a cult leader and he's going to try to help her or destroy her. I would also say be careful it's not for everybody. I would say it's a fantastic experience to watch it. It's a very gorgeous movie that you either like or you're going to hate.

TMS: I'm an old school Giallo fan this has some of the older '70s markings of horror films. You said some people might be bothered by it. What are some horror movies that might get under your skin?

CP: Well, I'm going to say that before I met Can, I knew nothing about horror movies. Literally nothing. I think the only genre movie I watched was I Know What You Did Last Summer. I knew Argento and I'd seen Possession, but I had no knowledge of horror movies. Recently I watched The Witch. It just blew me away.

TMS: Housewife mixes a lot of eroticism with horror. Is it hard for you as an actress to put yourself out there like that? As horrific as the movie is, it's quite sexy. Is it hard to be exposed on screen emotionally and physically?

CP:  You know, it depends. Sometimes you have a love scene in a movie and you don't know what the fuck it's about, why it's there. It tells nothing. In Housewife, it's crucial. The movie is about sexual desire, raw desire, it's about so many things. To me it was absolutely crucial not to shy away from that. 

TMS: A lot of actresses might steer away from any type of graphic work like this. 

CP: For me, my body, it's my job, it's part of who I am. It's my envelope. I have to expose it. I have no problem with it. At first the script of Housewife was very sexual. The last scene, at first it was very very very sexual, like nearly PG18, I'd say. I have no problem with that but I didn't want to have real sex. I have a boyfriend. I told Can when he offered me the job, I'm with you. I'd die on the tracks with you. I was great to him. He was great to me. We had a deal. I'd entirely trust him. He'd entirely trust me. And so sometimes he'd show up in the morning and say 'I had a dream. I had an epiphany. Instead of just dancing, you're going to dance and masturbate thinking about your dead sister' and I was like 'What the fuck?'. Then I was like, we have a deal and I'm going to do anything he wants.

TMS: With all that said, it sounds like you were at least comfortable on set when you were doing those scenes.

CP: I felt like I was in a cocoon in a way. I felt so free during that shoot. I had no problem being naked or covered in blood. Of cheering or crying and laughing at the same time. In the very end, it was very relaxing. I don't know why. It cured me of something. There is something very soothing in a way.

TMS: You're also on National Geographic's Mars series. Is that a hard transition going from doing movies and TV. Or is it easy for you.

CP: To me it's not that different. What I love about TV series is that you've got much more time to draw a character. We shot two seasons. Maybe there'll be a third season. It's really cool because you've got time and you get to know your character and your cast mates better. It's about Mars. You know more and more about the planet. But I love movies. I love the experience of movies. I love that you watch a movie for an hour and a half. I love that thing. I don't like the binge watching thing when we watch television series. I think there is something magical about movies.

TMS: Why don't you tell us what projects you have coming up next?

CP: We recently completed filming season 2 of Mars. I shot two movies in France that are very different from Housewife and Mars. For the time being we don't know right now about a season 3 of Mars. We are waiting for the ratings at the end of the year. 

TMS: What about coming back to horror again? 

CP:  Oh, I would love to do a movie with blood....again. And I would love to do another movie with Can. I really want to explore more of the genre movies. 

Housewife is out today. Get your copy and share in the horror. 
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