News: Annabelle 3 Adds Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as the Warrens

The Conjuring series and all its spinoffs continue to make big money for the studio with The Nun recently raking in a massive haul for the growing franchise and all its sub-stories. 

Now, with The Conjuring 3 also set for a future release, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are also going to make an appearance in the third entry of the Annabelle series. Throughout all the movies, they seem to help connect the dots as they also made a small appearance in The Nun using previous footage. But, it looks like they'll be filming new scenes for the latest Annabelle story. They came in contact with the demonic doll in the first Conjuring which then spun off two successful movies so far, with the second being a great throwback to old school horror. Gaining a great critical response and boat loads of money at the box office, it was expected that another sequel wouldn't be far off. 

The project is readying production right now and is set for a summer 2019 cinematic release.