News: Aquaman To Get An Early Release in China

In what appears to be another silly move on the part of Warner Bros., their next upcoming solo DC movie is getting a head start in China. Initially introduced in their Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice then playing a key role in Justice League, fans have already had a small introduction to this onscreen iteration of Aquaman. With the American release hitting on December 21st, they've decided to give the go ahead on a December 7th release in China. Subsequent overseas countries will see the film begin its roll-out around December 14th, still a week ahead of the U.S. markets. 

The primary concern that the studio should be looking at is obviously piracy of one of their biggest comic book genre films of the year. But who am I to play devil's advocate here. With a massive marketing campaign underway, there is the hope that Aquaman can be the heroic movie we all deserve right now.