News: Barbie Movie: Margot Robbie To Star as Barbie, Patty Jenkins May Direct (updated)

There's been chatter of a live action Barbie movie for the past couple years. Initially the film was set to star Amy Schumer in the role of the title character based on the ever growing toy line. The idea for a movie has been tossed around for nearly a decade now with the first talk starting way back in 2009. As the movie continues to adapt and change since the idea was incepted, it now looks like the project has a star. The Hollywood Reporter says that Margot Robbie is in final talks to sign on the dotted line to play the fashion heavy female character in the flick based on the Mattel line. And honestly, they couldn't pick a better actress. Proving herself as quite the dynamic performer in the last five years, she would be a perfect pick for the role. 

While this part has not been confirmed yet, they are apparently in talks to bring on Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins to direct the long awaited movie. 

Update: Other sources are now claiming that Jenkins has already bowed out from consideration. 

In the meantime, enjoy some Aqua.