News: Boba Fett Movie Scrapped By Disney

In the ever changing galaxy of Star Wars, it looks like one of the spin-offs we were looking forward to has been officially axed by Kathleen Kennedy and the heads at Disney. 

With the financial failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story, things seem to be in flux as they've admitted it was too much too soon and that the film universe would be getting a minor pause while they reset the release schedule. With that, Boba Fett has officially been pulled from the upcoming movie slate for Disney. Reported on several sites today, it looks like Kennedy decided that The Mandalorian is more important and would take precedence over a movie about centered on the franchise's most famous bounty hunter. 

Perhaps fans will be okay with this considering the divisive criticisms over the last couple Star Wars movies. Personally, we enjoyed Solo, but not everyone saw the purpose. Now, we wait for Favreau's The Mandalorian with baited breath. 

This has also been tweeted by insider Erick Weber.