News: CBS Orders Pilot For DC’s Secret Six

Even after failing with two separate DC properties (Supergirl and Powerless), CBS has ordered a Pilot for Secret Six. This version will focus on a group of strangers forced together through blackmail to take down corrupt politicians and corporations, very different from the rest of the versions we’ve seen.

Created in the late sixties the Secret Six has seen several updates over the years with the most loved being the run by Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham, featuring a breakout character turn for Catman, a nearly forgotten villain from the Batman stories. This show will have the possibility of so many great underrated characters have appeared in the pages of the comics, and sever that are at the peak of their popularity like Harley Quinn.

The real advantage of a show like this is the ability to have a revolving cast of characters and to explore the DC Universe in brand new ways.