News: CW and WB Developing Superman TV Series

With no solid news on whether or not the Superman film series is going to continue on with Henry Cavill in the tights, it looks like WB and The CW are partnering on another new series for the network. News is starting to hit this evening that the television network is eager to get their own show about the Man of Steel into active development as soon as possible. Considering they've had fair success with Supergirl and their version of Supes, with Tyler Hoechlin already appearing in several episodes, they're now trying to get him his own show. 

Seemingly, Warner Bros. is not hot on having characters appearing on the movie screen and television at the same time as was made apparent by Deathstroke. So it may lend credence to them pursuing a small screen version of Superman while the DC cinematic version is still up in the air. Currently, there are no active plans to make a Man of Steel sequel with Cavill in the role. While nothing is totally confirmed yet, we wouldn't be shocked to find out more news in the coming weeks.