News: Details on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance From NYCC

For a while it's been known that a Dark Crystal series was being developed for Netflix. Now, out of NYCC 2018 some new details have been revealed via director Louis Leterrier and Jim Henson's daughter, creative executive producer Lisa Henson. The series is currently set at a 10 episode run with no release date confirmed as of yet. However, the basic plot has now been revealed. The series will follow a trio of Gelflings that discover the power behind the Skeksis and begin a rebellion to overthrow the evil beings. 

 And yes, they're using all practical effects just like the original Henson film production.

“We’re not using CGI on this one. It’s puppets, man. Puppets!” Leterrier said. 

The Age of Resistance will serve as a prequel to the movie. The project has been in the works for over 7 years. Henson hints that the prequel will take place long before the crystal is cracked:

“In the original movie, Jen and Kira stop at the Wall of Destiny and they see the ruins of what was once a beautiful Gefling culture, and we took that as a jumping of point for the whole series. What was that culture, what was lost, what was that beautiful Gefling civilization? It’s very developed, with a big canvas with many different group of Gelflings. It’s rich.”

Leterrier also added:

“We’ve been developing this project for seven years and then we eventually found exciting partners in Netflix. And we realized that the canvas was so massive. Like Jim Henson says, it was his biggest, hardest task and his greatest achievement”