News: Jamie Lee Curtis Will Return if David Gordon Green Directs Halloween Sequel

David Gordon Green's ret-conned Halloween sequel continues to rake in cash at the box office. Set against a tiny $10 million budget, the sequel that pits Laurie Strode against her attacker Michael Myers went on to gross $77 million in its opening frame and continues to make loads of blood soaked cash in theaters. Knowing that Green has already stated a sequel would be in the cards based on this film's success, it looks like its main star is ready to sign up in the case of another sequel, which happens to be a sure fire thing at this time. 

In a new interview with Empire Magazine Australia, Jamie Lee Curtis commented that would be eager to reprise her role as Strode once again if Green helms the project:

If David Gordon Green called me up and said let’s do another Halloween, I would do another Halloween,” Curtis stated.