News: The Mandalorian Using Design from Scrapped Star Wars: 1313 Video Game

Gaining nearly legendary status with fans of the Star Wars gaming universe, the cancelled 1313 remains a talking point. Initially announced at E3 2012, it took much of its third person shooter style from Uncharted but was also said to use many of the elements of the popular Bounty Hunter game for the Nintendo Gamecube. It was also reported to have a Halo like adventure tone and would have mirrored Star Wars: Republic Commando in many ways. However, the game was initially pulled from the the release schedule when Disney acquired Lucasfilm and all its properties. 

Now, with the upcoming Jon Favreau show, The Mandalorian, that will premiere on their streaming service next year, it's looking like the new series will be using much of the design work from the game and many of its stylistic elements. 

As this photo below shows, the look of the Mandalorian armor used by the main character is nearly identical. The Mandalorian will be taking place in the 30 year window between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. The character also looks to be carrying a weapon straight out of the Star Wars Holiday Special.