News: Michael Pena To Star as Mr. Roarke in Fantasy Island Reboot

In what is probably the most interesting news of the day, it looks like the upcoming Fantasy Island relaunch has its Mr. Roarke. 42 year old Michael Pena has boarded the project in the lead role. No other casting has been announced yet. 

Initially played by Ricardo Montalblan on the hit ABC series, Michael Pena will be taking over the role in the upcoming film by Michael Blum's Blumhouse production label. As the third iteration about an island where people go to experience their innermost fantasies, we're imagining that this might be a fresh take on the idea. Jeff Wadlow is set to direct the Fantasy Island movie. Wadlow recently directed the critically despised Truth or Dare and of course the divisive comic book sequel, Kick-Ass 2.