News: Mr. Mom Ordered To Series By Vudu

Just when we thought it was safe to go back into our domestic lifestyle, we find out that another hit from the '80s is getting the remake treatment. That's right. Nothing from the Reagan era is sacred as MGM is now partnering with Wal-Mart's streaming platform VUDU to turn the Michael Keaton movie into a series. The movie was about a dad that takes over for the mom when he loses his job and she finds a new one making her the 'breadwinner'. The original was written by the late John Hughes, featuring his realistic humor. With the major cultural shift since the '80s, we're not quite sure how this will work. 

No casting has been announced as of yet. But it looks like MGM is gearing up to make more series out of their many catalog titles. Nothing else has been revealed yet, but VUDU looks to be getting into the family friendly streaming market.