News: Mystery Solved: Sherlock Holmes 3 Has A Release Date

Soon after boarding the Iron Man franchise, Robert Downey Jr. also signed on for the Sherlock Holmes movies from Guy Ritchie. Downey starred as Holmes with Jude Law playing his partner, Dr. Watson. The two films went on to gross a massive $1 billion at the box office with a third sequel seemingly disappearing from the production schedule. With both movies being such major hits for the studio, it was shocking that they didn't strike while the iron was hot to try and get a full trilogy out of the rebooted brand. While there have been rumblings of Ritchie returning to helm another movie in the franchise, everything has been stalled since 2011's Game of Shadows. 

Now, apparently there seems to be some movement. The film is now officially listed as in development and has a release date of December 25, 2020. There is no director attached at this time but it wouldn't be shocking if Ritchie returns again. His style overwhelmingly worked with the first two in the series. This would also make sense as Downey's Marvel slate is clear after 2019.