News: Not So Fast: The Flash Production Delayed Again

The DCEU is once again shifting production on one of their upcoming film projects. The long discussed solo film for The Flash is being pushed back even further. Over the course of getting the project into production, the movie has lost screenwriters and potential directors. And with the added financial distresses of their Justice League adaptation, The Flash seems to be struggling once again. 

Initially planned to start filming in 2018, the project has now been pushed to March 2019 as they continue to work out problems with the script. Initially announced as a Flashpoint cinematic release, the movie will now supposedly be a solo film for the superhero. Adding to their hurdles, Ezra Miller's shooting schedule for the Fantastic Beasts series has also been problematic for Warner Bros.. 

As long as all goes as planned and the script gets a proper rewrite, the movie will eventually see the light of day. We hope so. He's one of the best parts of the DCEU.