News: Sony's Morbius The Living Vampire Gets A Production Start Date

With Venom a certifiable hit for the studio, it looks like Sony is moving along nicely with their next comic book movie. A few months ago it was announced that Jared Leto would be starring as Morbius The Living Vampire in their next slated project. Expanding on the new universe they're now creating, the film looks to be getting a production start date in February 2019 right after the new year hits. Avi Arad has stated that the script is moving along nicely and they look to get this in front of cameras as soon as possible. While it's not part of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony is looking to continue expanding on the shared world in which many Spider-Man villains reside although there's no talk of bringing Spidey into the movies as of yet. 

Venom ravaged the box office last weekend, making a massive haul and breaking October records for the studio. Hopefully, Morbius can do the same. Although Venom has been a critical failure, it seems to have struck a chord with fans of the character.