News: Todd Philips Joker Gets Its Alfred and a Young Bruce Wayne

Todd Philips new Joker movie is well underway at this point. While there's been some fan division over how this new version of the Joker will look on screen, I think it's easy to say that most are still eager to see where this movie might take us. After all, the DCEU has been in a bit of upheaval. Perhaps, if this movie turns out right, we can finally be at ease that DC might finally get an even footing with this project. No matter what, Joaquin Phoenix will be an entertaining version of the Joker at bare minimum. Now word is breaking that they've finally cast a young Bruce Wayne and an Alfred Pennyworth for the movie. 

Actor Douglas Hodge will be starring as Alfred, best known as Bruce's best friend and butler. And young up and comer, Dante Pereira-Olson will be playing Bruce, long before he ever takes up the cape and cowl. Olson recently appeared in Happy! and You Were Never Really Here. Hodge had a role in Penny Dreadful and also made an appearance in The Night Manager.