News: Universal Soldier To Be Re-Imagined

From back when action stars were still a household name and every couple months saw a new kick ass movie hit the cineplexes, Universal Soldier was a hybrid that starred two of the bigger genre stars of the time. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren went head to head in what remains one of the better sci-fi action mix-ups of the '90s. Now it looks to be getting what is not being called a reboot but an actual re-imagining. Where the original movie was centered on two main characters, this new one is said to be about one primary soldier. The Equalizer writer Richard Wenk is hard at work drafting a script that will finally get Universal Soldier back in theaters with a fresh new take on the property. 

"Iwill say that I’m just finishing up a re-imagining — let’s be clear about this it’s not a remake and it is not a redo — but it is a re-imagining of a movie called ‘Universal Soldier’…very much like ‘The Equalizer,’ it’s the title that inspired me and not the movies…I’m just about to finish (the script) and turn it in this week.”