Box Office Dues: AMC A-List To Raise Prices in 15 States

A couple years ago when MoviePass came along, the theatrical landscape changed immediately and forever. The membership option is now a driving force that seems to be bringing people back to the cinemas in droves. It's easy to remember the talk of 'the theaters are dying' and 'people just don't go to the movies anymore'. Now, ticket sales are hitting an all time high and people are finding good reason to return to the best forum for entertainment around. Plus, with the problematic MoviePass knocking on death's door due to constant changes in their model and a consistent flow of much deserved negative publicity, the company has no ground to stand on anymore. While they still plan to produce original content, many are questioning whether they are fluid enough. 

Now, it looks like the AMC A-List is going to be raising their prices also. But, unlike with MoviePass, they're doing it the right way. In all honesty, everything about their business model is nearly perfect. Adding more than 500,000 subscribers, they've just announced plans to raise their fees from $19.99 a month to $21.95 and $23.95 in limited states dependent on what ticket prices are like in those locations. Still, they'll be maintaining their current plans of allowing people to see 3 movies a week in any format including Imax, 3D, Dolby Digital and whatever else might be available. Either way, they seem to be staying the course and not nearing the redline of fraud that MoviePass seems to have crossed.